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This area of the Discover Kerry web is intended to provide general information for travellers to the county, the kind of stuff we like to know when we go abroad. We hope it is of benefit to you and welcome any suggestions for additional content. Enjoy your stay. 

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Ireland is now part of the EURO and as such the currency can be used across the following countries.

The original fixed rates with all other member countries of the EMU were::

The fixed rate conversions of all 11 member currencies to the EURO (1 EURO =
Austria schilling ATS 13.7603
Belgium franc BEF 40.3399
Finland markka FIM 5.94573
France franc FRF 6.55957
Germany mark DEM 1.95583
Ireland punt IEP 0.787564
Italy lira ITL 1936.27
Luxembourg franc LUF 40.3399
Netherlands guilder NLG 2.20371
Portugal escudo PTE 200.482
Spain peseta ESP 166.386

Other currency exchanges 

Euro coins are known as cent and come in 1,2,5,10,20,50,100(1 and 200(2) denominations.
Euro notes are available in 5,10,20,50,100,200 and 500 denominations. *(beware of forgeries)

Phone Calls

The code for Ireland is 353. The code for County Kerry is 066
However, you must drop the leading zero when dialling Kerry from abroad. 
Example: to call the Aquadome 066-7128899
Within Kerry dial 712 8899
Within Ireland but outside Kerry dial 066 712 8899
Outside Ireland dial +353 66 712 8899 (+ denotes your international access code)
To call other countries from Ireland prefix the country code with 00


Local report from Valentia weather station, Click on graphic for more details

Travelling to and from Kerry

By Car Ferry (to County Clare)
Operates from Tarbert (Kerry) to Kilimer (Clare)
Departs Tarbert every hours on the half hour (7:30am  - 9:30pm during summer)
Departs Kilimer every hour on the hour (7:00am - 9:00 pm during summer)

By Air
Daily services from London and Dublin to Kerry Airport, Farrenfore (Tel: +353 66 64644)

By Rail
Frequent daily services from Dublin and Cork to Tralee and Killarney.
Rail Info (Tel: 1850 366222)

By Bus
Expressway services from Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Waterford
Bus Eireann, Tralee (Tel: +353 66 23566)

By Car (road)
Limerick (N21) - Tralee 60 miles, Killarney 60 miles
Cork (N70) - Tralee 60 miles, Killarney 50 miles

TV Channels

Some areas may only have the following channels
RTE 1 ,Network 2. TnaG, TV 3
(Radio Telefis Eireann is the national broadcasting network)

Most areas also have the following channels
BBC1,BBC2,UTV,Channel 4,SKY1,Eurosport,Discovery,Disney
Other Satellite channels such as SKY Sports/Movies may also be available

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The following towns have multi screen cinemas.
Tralee, Killarney, Listowel and Dingle

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